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UPDATED: 12/05/2018


  As of April 25th, 2018, I have stood down from the group I started and lead through many amazing years of building both a family and an avenue for helping preservation groups.
This has not been an easy decision, but for every moment we helped a group, there were multiple moments of hate aimed at us. Despite my having all the best of intentions, and a long-held desire to further this hobby, there was absolutely no appreciation, no support, absolutely nothing from a mostly ungrateful hobby full of people just wishing to drag you down and further destroy that which we could all have.

I am not going to mention names, I am not like that, they know who they are. People who claim to lead railway heritage in this state, liars who spread rumours through forums like Railpage and their own (plus that of others) Facebook setups, angry little men from rural NSW and even ungrateful people who have been accepted into the SMUT family.
I devoted years to forwarding this group, sometimes at the expense of my own life, just to have the absolute garbage of our railfan hobby work endlessly to destroy any good I do.
SMUT has been handed to someone else to run, while I shall return to railway history preservation overseas, where it seems to be more needed and appreciated.
Yes, you have won guys….enjoy it for now. You have further screwed something that could be made so good.
However, I will have much more to say about people in forthcoming years. Your destruction of a great hobby, your hatred, and your manipulation will not go unnoticed, nor will it go unheard.

  I thank all the good people who have supported SMUT over the years and helped us to help others. I thank all my former fellow members who made us more than another railfan group.
  Yet another good idea has been destroyed by those in the hobby who profess to have a passion for railways.
  To the museums I aimed to support through SMUT, I offer an apology. We were able to do so much good, but quarters of the hobby have sought out to end it, and been successful so.

Until further noticed.

Thank you.

Brad (SMUT Modellers/Preservation Group)

NOTE: This website will remain open for now, mostly for the fleetlist section. Arrangements are to be made to put these elsewhere in the near future.



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