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UPDATED: 4/09/2018

Firstly let me start by saying ‘thank you’ to the many who have contacted me over the last few months regarding my break from S*M*U*T.
It was a hard time trying to run a very proactive group while taking my initial steps in a new business overseas. I acknowledge that my sudden departure was upsetting for many. However, I just needed a small period to concentrate on the more important things.
While not leading the group, I have been in the background organising events and helping promote the preservation industry-more so again in recent weeks.
I have devoted far more time to my research groups and rail heritage plans overseas. For this, I do apologise.
However, things are now getting back on track and, while I do not have any intention of running it all myself again, we will continue to do the popular work that we have done until now.
Thank you again. It is during periods like that that you finally realise how many good people out there actually care for this hobby.

Please Note:
The hugely popular rail tours that have run under our name, while continuing in the future, will not be directly done by SMUT Tours. The time required to organise these is monumental, something a select few do not take into account when offering nothing but ridicule.
The Boree Creek tour is still happening next year and S*M*U*T are locked in to support it. More details of this will be released by organisers as soon as possible.

Updates on Boree Creek, and other events, can be found HERE.

In The Meantime

S*M*U*T and the Semi Retired Foamer are working hard to promote the
‘Trains For Kids With Cancer’ Fundraiser.
Come along, ride some trains and vintage buses.
Have a sausage sizzle and check out the vintage car display.

Help us to help those kids who are most in need.
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