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S*M*U*T – Membership Is A Privilege – Not a Right.
We are a small, unofficial, modelling and social group based in Sydney and mostly interested in modelling trains and aviation subjects. Some devote more time to the preservation and railway research.
 SaddamOur model train interested members do so (or have done) in N, HO, 12mm, scales. Topics as wide varied as Australia (mostly), Philippines, Japan and even a little UK. Maybe even the USA when we have become truly desperate. Some of us collect model planes, cars, sci-fi, heck, some are even into buses. There is also a strong interest in railway research, with questions, findings and other interesting bits and pieces often shared on the group.
Over the years our group has developed and now we have added helping rural railway preservation to the list of things we do. Together we wish to make a difference for those groups that work so hard to preserve our past.


  We unofficially meet a few times a month in unofficial locations and have an unofficial membership.

Our unofficial group patron is the famous Kaley Cuoco (though she is unaware of this) We have an unofficial president (Mr Pecker) who is incapable of making rules, unofficially.

Membership is not open, and is solely limited to invitation early, these people could be special or otherwise. This strict condition has been brought on by some recent legal action threatened against our group. This is a hobby, one we aim to enjoy.


On the odd occasion that we go crazy and decide to invite someone, this person’s name is raised and is subject to a  vote by all current members of the group. Because we are officially unofficial, no official membership forms for official unofficial membership are officially available. So if your, officially, just a blow in, then I suppose you can consider it officially that your membership to this unofficial group will be officially declined. However, you are welcome to join our unofficial groups on Facebook (link below) where occasionally we have officially picked people for our official unofficial Facebook and Yahoogroups.

Check out our forums page.

So welcome to our special little group’s website. If you have any questions please don’t email us as we don’t have an official email address. However, you can ask via the unofficial Facebook group above.

While you are here enjoying the delights this site has to offer, spare a thought for all those who have slaved away tirelessly for the last few years to get our modelling group to where it is today. Because only through sheer determination and true friendship can you become one of those groups truly hated by the haters who bottom feed in the hobby. This is truly our greatest success. BURRUMBUTTOCK-Record_Load

Nothing Says Excitement Like Model Trains!  



Photos on this page credited to Greg Stock and Brad Peadon.


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